Bible Reading Plan

Here at New Hope Leeward, we use the acrostic WORD to help us journal on the scripture we read in the Bible.  If you need help with this process, please contact Linsey at  Bask in God's presence as He speaks to you through his Word!

RITE down the scripture you feel God is giving you to meditate on. Make sure to cite where in the Bible it is located so you can return to the scripture if needed.

BSERVE what the scripture says. Is there a lesson to be learned, a promise to be fulfilled, or a warning to heed? Does it reveal a characteristic of Jesus, or one not of Him?

EFLECT on how this scripture applies to your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the parts of your life God is trying to address through this scripture. Ask yourself: How will this truth make a difference in my life as a follower of Christ? How will I be more like Jesus after hearing God’s truth today?

EVOTE yourself to the Lord through prayer. The one thing that moves us from being just touched by God to truly being transformed is the commitment of our hearts, and the action steps we take. 

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